Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Comic, heartwarming tragic drama about love, pain and letting go in the life of a terminally ill teenager.

Milla Finlay is turning sixteen and enjoys life to the full – something her parents cannot share with her, as Milla is suffering from cancer in an advanced stage. Is her new boyfriend, drugs dealer Moses, the best match at this point in her life? In silence, her parents mainly mourn the prospect of losing their daughter in the prime of life. This leads to them abandoning all pedagogic strategies.

In her film debut, Australian director Shannon Murphy strikes a great balance between comedy and tragedy. Babyteeth is a tearjerker of the kind that reminds us of the beautiful things in life. Murphy deliberately seeks out conflicting emotions in this layered drama. Using images, sound and text, she subtly breaks through the 'fourth wall', confronting the audience with the ephemerality of her engaging protagonist.

English spoken, Dutch subtitles


Monday 21 September
15:50 till 18:00
Camera 4
€ 10.50
Tuesday 22 September
16:00 till 18:10
Camera 1
€ 10.50
Wednesday 23 September
21:25 till 23:35
Rabo Studio
€ 10.50

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