Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Completely unique, these three films by the Armenian master Artavazd Pelechian.

In Camera 3 Deluxe we present three dialogueless, poetic, monumental avalanches of image, sound and music. Our Century, Seasons of the Year and Nature.

Please note: these documentaries are Russian and Armenian spoken, subtitles are not necessary.

Our Century

The 20th century, characterized by a relentless race to go ever higher, further, and faster. Our compulsion for technological achievement is condensed into a stunning anthology of humankind’s rises and falls.

Seasons of the Year

A reclusive community in the Armenian Highlands demonstrates the pure art of survival over the course of the four seasons. A stunningly beautiful, bittersweet symphony of human existence


Artavazd Pelechian delivers an urgent work rooted in his own unique film idiom, using found footage sequences of volcanic eruptions, floods, and windstorms to shake us from the illusion that humanity can control nature.


There are no new dates planned (yet) for Artavazd Pelechian Triple Bill.