Raak mij aan! Touch me!


Little children are great researchers.

At Taartrovers, young children playfully discover the power of imagination. In this way they give shape to their feelings, images and stories. Not only do you go to the movies, but you can also get to work in the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape with playful installations. Here you can move freely and touch everything!

Playground of the Imagination

The connecting theme 'On Path' runs as a common thread through the film programming and all installations. Along the way you will encounter all kinds of things, namely new things to investigate further. In this way you discover the world around you in a playful way and you not only move yourself, but everything moves with you. At Taartrovers you can see short films. There are film programs for toddlers and preschoolers, but also for children of seven. There is animation, live action and documentary. After the film program you visit the Playground of the Imagination. Follow your light and discover how the shapes change as you move. Make a pinball machine and let the marbles roll and spin, move cars with stop motion and hop hop from one installation to the next. Tired of all the movement? Then relax with a story and move only in your imagination.


Film & access to the Playground of the Imagination

€ 9,00
Stadjerspas Film & access to the Playground of the Imagination € 3,00
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