Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Gamechanger 2001


Tiger Electronics - 1998

A cute pet or an irritating and creepy kind of Gremlin? The Tamagotchi successor was the Furby. According to Wikipedia, the toy resembles a cross between a hamster, a cat and a bat or owl. Like the Tamagotchi, the creature needs care and attention. Know what you get yourself in for, because it does not have an off button! The poor animal was banned from the buildings of the American National Security Agency for fear they were being used to record and repeat classified information. (It takes one to know one!)

Pokémon cards

Nintendo - 1999

Pika Pika! The battle with Pokémon is all about being the first to draw all six prize cards. These prize cards are put face down on the table at the start of the game. The player who is the first to draw all six prize cards wins. Another way to win is remain as last player with cards in your deck. If a player is unable to draw a card at the beginning of their turn (the Draw Phase) that player loses the game. The final way to win is if the opponent has no cards left on their bench or as active Pokémon.


Kazuki Takahashi - 2003

Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王, Yūgiō, literally "King of Games") is a card game based on a Japanese manga, or comic strip. In this trading card game, two players fight each other with a large arsenal of monsters and magical weapons.

Lego Bionicle

Lego - 2001

A combination of Lego and Lego Technic. The popularity of Lego Bionicle played a key role in saving the company, which was in heavy weather at the end of the 1990s. Bionicle is the first Lego series accompanied by an extensive background narrative comprising books, music, films and computer games. It proved a success formula that Lego repeated many times afterwards.

CD Dr. Dre

2001 - 1991

The iconic album of a generation. In 1992 Dr. Dre already determined the sound of hip-hop with the introduction of G-funk. He also managed to dominate the next decade with his super catchy beats and work with established and emerging rappers. Dr. Dre’s music is so good because it’s always right and finished down to a t. However, that urge for perfection is a burden at the same time: the studio album "The Rehab", which was supposed to be his last album, has often been rumoured to be finished, but is yet to come out.


Apple - 2001

When the development team showed Steve Jobs the first iPod, he immediately said it was too large. According to his engineers, it was impossible to get the desired functionality in a smaller device. Jobs threw the prototype into a fish tank: “Those are air bubbles. That means there’s space inside. Make it smaller."

Nokia 3310

Nokia - 2000

The game Snake on the Nokia popularised mobile gaming. The aim of the game was to have your snake eat up as many blocks as possible, with the snake getting longer with each block.

Air Max 1 Amsterdam Parra

Parra x Nike - 2005

Piet Parra is an Amsterdam artist who has been publishing successful sneaker collabs for sixteen years now together with various sneaker brands. His most famous collaborations are with Nike. Apart from being the first Dutch sneaker collab ever, it also was the most popular one. Parra has worked on the SB Dunk silhouette several times, but has also dressed the Air Max 1 more than once. His work is so popular and sought after that some collabs are now worth thousands of euros!

In 2005, Piet Parra had the opportunity to unleash his creativity on Nike’s iconic Air Max 1. For this Air Max 1, the artist drew inspiration from his native city of Amsterdam. It is clearly visible that he has used the 'Red Light District' as a source of inspiration. The colourful red tones represent the 'Red Lights' of the Red Light District. The sneaker also features brown tones opened up by blue tones on the upper.