Raak mij aan! Touch me!

Gamechanger 1991


Bandai - 1996

How long did your Tamagotchi live on average? In the 90s, everyone had one of those squeaky eggs in their pocket with an animal in it that you had to feed and pay attention to. The name comes from the Japanese Tamago (egg) and the English watch.

Buzz Lightyear

Pixar - 1995

If Buzz himself didn't believe he was a toy, then why did he froze when people arrived? The internet has been going wild for years about this alleged "plothole" in Toy Story: the very first fully computer-animated film. The film became a huge success and grew into a franchise with multiple sequels, toys and of course… games!


Pixar - 1995

Rex from Toy Story is a nervous green plastic Tyranosaurus Rex with an inferiority complex who constantly worries that he is not scary enough.

Lego Space Super Nova II

Lego - 1991

Lego space set with a typical 90s neon look!

VHS Terminator 2

James Cameron - 1981

Can a sequel outperform the original movie? Absolutely! Within two days, Terminator 2: Judgment Day had surpassed Terminator's box office success. It ought to be, because the cost of the first scene of Terminator 2 exceeded the entire budget of the predecessor.

VHS Terminator 2

CD Nirvana

Nevermind - 1991

Who thinks about 1991, thinks about Nirvana. The band of the late frontman Kurt Cobain revolutionized the music world with the rough, but infectious grunge on Nevermind. The band acquired a huge fan base, which has only grown with the death of Cobain.


Sony - 1984

It continuously skipped songs and would only fit in your pocket if you were a skater, but the discman was hugely popular in the 90s.

My first Sony walkman and Sony Sports Walkman

Sony - 90s

Everyone had one of these two walkmans (walkmen?). CDs were nice, but with a walkman you sort of had Spotify in your pocket because you could make your own mixtapes for yourself or for your crush…

Nokia 3310

Nokia - 2000

Actually, only businessmen had a cell phone in the early 90s. What other people did all day without a phone is still a mystery to historians.

Air Huarache

Nike - 1992

In 1991 the Nike Air Huarache design first appeared on the market. The sneaker was designed by none other than Tinker Hatfield, who was inspired by water skiing for this model. He wanted to create a running shoe that used minimal design, so that the technology could express itself. Soon the sneaker was picked up in pop culture by, for example, Will Smith, who wore the sneaker in his famous show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The sneaker shown here is made in a color combination of 'White / Blue Emerald / Resin'. White colored neoprene creates the base of the sneaker. From the tongue the base is overlapped by 'Blue Emerald' which extends to the heel. In between we see a yellow color called 'Resin'. Leather overlays can be found on the forefoot and side panels that provide extra strength.