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Gamechanger 1981


MB Electronics - 1978

An electronic game that tests your memory and skills. Creating series of tones and flashing coloured buttons, the device requires the player to repeat ever increasing sequences. The name is based on the American children’s game of ‘Simon Says’, where children have to follow instructions issued by the player acting as Simon: "Simon says: stand on your head". A command starting with "Simon says" means that the players must obey that command. A command without the beginning "Simon says" means do not do this action.

Rubik's Cube

Tom Kremmer - 1980

You’re bound to know this one! But can you solve it? Actor Will Smith manages within two minutes...

The easiest method for the solution is layer by layer: first one face is completed, with the 12 edge pieces matching in colour with the centre pieces of the four adjacent faces. The second step is rotating the four corners of the middle layer into the right place. Finally, the third layer is completed by first making a cross on top, adding the corners of that colour. Next, these corners are rotated into position and, finally, the top edge pieces are rotated into position. Using this method, the Rubik’s cube can be solved within just a few minutes.

Magic 8-Ball

Alabe Crafts, Inc. - 1980

The magic of the answers given by the Magic 8-Ball is hidden in a cylindrical reservoir containing a white plastic icosahedron die floating in alcohol dyed dark blue. Each of the die’s 20 faces has an affirmative, negative or non-committal statement printed in raised letters (in English). These statements, or messages, are read through a window on the Magic 8-Ball’s bottom. Nothing short of magical!

Lego Space Digger

Lego - 1981

Here, the Lego figure has taken on the timeless form that we all know and love. And it has swapped its old-fashioned aeroplane for a real spaceship.

Masters of the Universe He-man

Mattel - 1980s

He-man's stories are set on the planet Eternia. Eternia was once an advanced civilisation, but a devastating war has thrown it back into the Middle Ages. He-Man goes through life as Prince Adam, the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena. King Randor rules the planet. The family all live in their palace on Eternia. There is also the haunted Castle Grayskull, where the sorceress lives. This castle is shaped like a skull and houses many magical powers, guarded by the sorceress.

VHS Raiders of the Lost Ark

Steven Spielberg - 1981

The first Indiana Jones film was the #1 film of 1981 and, apart from Star Wars, the most successful film of all times. Harrison Ford had only himself to fear as a competitor.

LP Kraftwerk

Computerworld - 1984

With their progressive electronic sound, German band Kraftwerk pioneered countless movements in contemporary music. Strikingly enough, Computer World from 1981 is about the growing influence of computers on people and society.

LP Kraftwerk

Audio cassette Prince

Controversy - 1981

The album features a more mature Prince. The mix of funk and new wave became more polished and the songs more detailed. The theme of sex is still clearly present, but religious and political subjects also come to the fore.


Sony - 1980

Only in 2010, after 30 years, did Sony stop producing the Walkman and audio cassettes. Surely a retro-revival won’t be long in waiting!

Car phone Carvox Cruiser

 PTT Telecom - 1989

Calling while driving captured everyone’s imagination. Hands free was something most people only knew from Knight Rider: "Michael, are you sure you want to do that?"

Air Force 1

Nike - 1983

Everyone has a pair of Air Force 1s in their closet or knows someone with a pair. The iconic, timeless sneaker was launched in 1982, originally as a basketball shoe. It was also the first basketball shoe with Air technology. It wasn’t long before the sneaker was popularised in streetwear and the hip hop scene. Over time, thousands of different Air Force 1s have been produced. In 2022, the silhouette will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The Air Force 1 we see here is the high version of the model. As you can see, the upper is made of white leather with a grey swoosh. At the back is a large heel tab with Nike Air branding. Under the upper was also a white midsole, which has yellowed over time. A grey outsole matching the grey swoosh completes the design..