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Gamechanger 1971


Sawyer - 1962

View-Master is the trademark name for a system of stereoscopic images. Originally used for personnel training in the US army, it soon become a popular entertainment device. It offered an experience we would now call ‘immersive’, quickening the imagination of many early on. With a little imagination, the View-Master can even be considered the frontrunner of the VR viewer.

Etch A Sketch

Ohio Art Company - 1962

An iPad avant la lettre. Twist the knobs to create a drawing, that will disappear again as if by magic by shaking the device. In the sitcom ‘Friends’ there is an Etch A Sketch in Joey and Chandler’s apartment that cast and crew often used to draw inside jokes.


Unknown - 1971

All the rage in the 1970s. See also the images of the Polygoon news. The idea is that by making a quick up and down movement of the wrist, the player swings the two balls apart and back together above and below the wrist, creating a ‘clacking’ sound.

Lego aeroplane

Lego - 1971

Even something as timeless as a Lego figure has gone through quite a development over the years. Here we see a phase before the current recognisable form that we’re familiar with.

VHS Diamonds Are Forever

Guy Hamilton - 1971

The seventh James Bond film with Sean Connery playing Bond. It was also his last official Bond film and was shot in part in Amsterdam.

VHS Diamonds Are Forever

LP The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers - 1971

Number 1 in the US, the UK and the Netherlands. An iconic album cover designed by Andy Warhol. Featuring hits such as Brown Sugar and Wild Horses. After the release of their world-famous album Sticky Fingers, the year 1971 belongs to The Rolling Stones.

Philips portable record player

Philips - 1970

Typical space age design portable record player from Philips. The lid doubles as a speaker.

Bakelite rotary dial telephone


The dial, or finger wheel, is rotated against spring tension with one finger. Starting from the position of the desired digit, the dial is rotated to the fixed finger stop position at the bottom right. When released at the finger stop, the dial returns to its home position at a fixed speed, with two balls briefly interrupting two contacts. The number of times this occurs, corresponds to the digit chosen, except with the zero. When the zero is rotated, the contacts are interrupted ten times.


JVC 1970

The JVC Videosphere was popular because of its modern design, which still captures the imagination. Despite the modern look and striking colour, the screen only displays black-and-white images.

Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse - 1920s

Established in 1908, Converse produced its first All Star basketball shoe in 1917. In the 1920s, the sneaker was updated with a thicker rubber sole and single canvas upper. In 1921 Chuck Taylor (basketball player for the Akron Firestones) joined the Converse Sales Force because he saw the potential of the All Star silhouette. Thanks to Chuck Taylor, the sneaker eventually became very popular and in 1932 'Chuck Taylor' was even added to the ankle patch, which led to the birth of the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette shown here is from the 1980s and features the signature canvas upper in burgundy. The classical branding can also be found on the inside. White laces threaded through metal eyestays match the white rubber outsole. A timeless classic, this sneaker was produced in the United States.